Caltrix Capital Fund X

Investing in the future

Fund Overview


  • Fund goal: Outperform the market (CRIX-index) and minimize systematic risk.

  • Fund strategy: Long-bias (always net-long between 0%-100%).

  • Portfolio composition: Diversified, but selective (20-30 cryptoassets).

  • Minimum investment amount: €100.000.

  • Issue and redemption: Monthly.

  • Base currency: EUR (€).

Investor profile

  • Be aware that cryptoassets are a highly risky and volatile asset class

  • Have an investment horizon of 3 or more years

  • Be aware that profit is not guaranteed

  • Be aware that losses can occur over any period of time

  • Have the financial means to endure periods of depreciation and do not need any income from their investment

Fund characteristics


All transactions, trades, deposits, withdrawals and balances are monitored by an independent auditor and results will be frequently updated and communicated to investors.


Our team builds on experience in investment management and portfolio optimization. Thorough fundamental analysis allows us to understand which projects have long term viability.


Our network in the blockchain ecosystem allows us to gain an edge over the competition in terms of knowledge and attractive rates in fundraisers not available to the public.

Risk Management

Managing risk is key for sustainable results. We apply dynamic diversification and manage systematic risk at the portfolio level by moving to stable assets and hedging our positions.


Caltrix Capital Fund X (the Fund) actively invests in blockchain projects, cryptocurrencies, ICO’s, tokens and other crypto assets. This new asset class requires a non-traditional approach in which early stage venture capital investing is combined with immediate secondary market liquidity. The Fund is a long-bias investment fund which can take short positions to hedge against systematic (market) risk, but will at all times be net-long between 0%-100%. The Fund does in no circumstance use leverage.

At the core of our investment strategy is a long-term thesis-driven approach. Our portfolio managers perform thorough fundamental research of the market and sectors that we identify as having significant long-term benefit from the introduction of distributed ledger technology (DLT). We continuously develop sub-theses for different market opportunities, trends and sectors.

Personal data: The existence of analog identity documents and the use of traditional passwords give rise to the risk of identity theft and security breaches. The internet is missing an identity layer for trustless exchange of information about people and organizations. The introduction of distributed ledger technology will enable solutions to security & privacy issues and other use cases related to identity, like self-sovereign ID and a more reliable, (cost)-efficient KYC & AML process.

Transactional infrastructure / Decentralized exchange: With cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology creating a world of many interconnected value networks and ecosystems, the need for safe, trustless and instant exchange has never been more apparent. Momentarily 99% of trading volume still goes through centralized exchanges, we expect this to shift in the medium-long term.

Storage: Centralized cloud storage brings with it a lot of risks regarding security and privacy. Decentralized storage breaks down and encrypts data to spread it across many nodes in a decentralized network. It will prevent file loss, reduce costs due to more efficiency and over time it also will likely surpass centralized storage in speed. Centralized cloud providers like Amazon Drive and Dropbox will see their margins decrease and over time will likely become obsolete.

Big data:  The analytics industry is growing at a fast pace but is scattered, siloed and constrained. Distributed ledger technology like blockchain will open up secure data market places and will fuel machine learning & artificial intelligence to make data analytics cheap, fast, efficient and structured.

Prediction markets:  Decentralized prediction markets have the potential to enable new forms of governance both within the blockchain sector and beyond. It can help organizations make better decisions and be used in risk-management strategies for smaller businesses (e.g. farmers in developing countries) without the heavy overhead costs of traditional hedging.

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