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What are digital assets?

Digital assets (i.e. “cryptoassets”) in combination with ‘Distributed Ledger Technology’ (DLT) allows for peer-to-peer (P2P) value exchange without the need for a ‘Trusted Third Party’ (TTP), it automates trust which is programmed into the software itself. 

Digital assets and DLT have various potential use cases and can be defined in multiple ways; it can represent a medium of exchange like cash, a store of value like gold, a new investment class like commodities, a mechanism to align incentives in an ecosystem or an immutable shared database to maintain rules, rights and ownership. It will open up a new era of digital asset & data market places, create trust in digital ecosystems, reduce friction and inefficiencies in the economy and allow for financial inclusion in developing countries. 

Navigating this uncharted territory is challenging and requires a combination of research, risk management and different (academic and professional) backgrounds. 

“Cryptoassets could have a significant impact on how people save, invest and pay the bills.”

“The ability to create something that is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value.”


Caltrix combines expertise in both investment management and consultancy. The blockchain ecosystem has changed the investment landscape and brought large technological innovations for startups and corporate firms. We aim to service both sides of the blockchain spectrum to create a synergy in terms of knowledge, network and execution which will maximize value for all our stakeholders.

Investment Management

Management Team

Bram Haenraets

Bram Haenraets

With a passion for financial markets, Bram started as a graduate intern at BNP Paribas AM where he focused on alternative asset research and optimal portfolio construction. He continued his career at Rabobank GFM assisting financial institutions in managing FX and IR risk. He holds an MSc in Economics from Radboud University in Nijmegen.

Joost Kamermans

Joost Kamermans

After starting his career in venture capital Joost continued working as a Strategy Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group. Here he performed due diligence for several private equity firms and was involved in IT transformations for large financial institutions. He holds an MSc in Finance from the RSM & Wharton - University of Pennsylvania.

Tommy Quite

Tommy Quite

Tommy has been investing in both traditional and alternative markets, during this time he specialized in bottom-up market analyses. Throughout the years he has been involved in various blockchain communities and developed a deep understanding of token economics, governance models and token utility mechanics.


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To stay ahead of the curve, Caltrix dedicates a significant amount of time to research. We share our knowledge with our network and collaborate to gain insights in the latest developments in the blockchain ecosystem.

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